Tucker Nichols, Black Box, 2017
Drawings, prints, and objects in signed archival box
Delivered straight to your door by mail
$750, shipping included
Limited availability

ZieherSmith is pleased to announce a special opportunity to own a piece of the studio and practice of Tucker Nichols. Each sealed BLACK BOX contains a combination of more than 20 original drawings, prints, sculptures and other items. The artist states:

"No two boxes are the same. Some of the items are more archival than others. Most have never been seen before. I have personally selected the particular combination for each box because I like them together. That said, the contents are to be enjoyed however you choose. You might tape one to your refrigerator, or frame another. Or give some away. Or you might keep them all in the box and put it away on a high shelf, well out of sight where you don’t have to think about it. Display a sculpture near the sink where you do the dishes. I've always liked seeing what happens to art when it gets out of my hands and into the world."

Boxes and their contents are bought sight unseen and purchases are final. Please email info@ziehersmith.com or call 917-837-7301. Payment by credit card, check, or Venmo.