ZieherSmith presents "From the archives of Christoph Ruckhäberle," an online selection of nearly 30 lithographs and linocuts created between 2006-2008. Email info@ziehersmith.com for the complete presentation of works.

Ruckhäberle is one of the leading artists of the New Leipzig School and known as both a painter and a master printmaker. The New York Times called the artist's New York debut as “refreshingly unlike the usual painterly fare in Chelsea,” (Ken Johnson, 2004), later noted he "seems to approach painting as an open book, of which any page can be ripped out” (Roberta Smith, 2006), then touted his 2013 ZieherSmith debut as “an arresting show that makes us remember what all the fuss was about” (Karen Rosenberg), and mostly recently described his 2016 show "as reusable history, wisecracking craft, visual delight and abstract form, as ever beneath the guise of a slightly retro figurative style that he usually manages to make new... their deliberation and pleasure could make life better" (Roberta Smith). He has been featured in numerous museum shows and acquired by notable collections including MoMA and the Rubell Collection.