This is the world debut of British artist Sasha Sokolov. In the fall of 2011, Scott Zieher received an email from the artist with a selection of his drawings.

I'm 33, born near Liverpool in England, I've never studied art formally or had an exhibition…
My work is all on A4 paper, drawn with the same 8b pencil. The paper size is simply out of convenience, I travel a lot and want to see what I can get out of myself with the same constraints over a long period and it is available anywhere.

My method is very simple, I sit down to draw and whatever comes out comes out. I believe in chance and the subconscious. I try to work as quickly as possible so as to surprise myself and be as less aware of what I am drawing as I can be. Yes the images are rough, this is intentional, I am interested in what falls, vomits, pisses, or 'comes' out of my mind. I am not trying to create carefully worked and contrived pieces…. The work should be taken as a whole, an ongoing stream of consciousness.

Thus using the sparest of art materials, Sokolov is inspired by real life, transforming witnessed scenes into exaggerated expressions of the weirdness of our world. He melds the innocence of childhood memories with a darker, more perverse sense of humor. Reminiscent of Ashcan era social realists and mid-century cartoon sketchers, Sokolov’s park bench meditations on the scatter-shot contemporary visual inundation are decidedly evocative.

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