In his first exhibition to exclusively feature works on canvas, Jason Brinkerhoff presents a group of paintings that, like his acclaimed works on paper, show a singularity of purpose through diversity in style and references.

In technique, he fluctuates between rough and smooth surfaces, cursory and refined line work, color and grey scale, and subjects both urgently expressive and cautiously clarified. With the studio acting as a crucible, he hones experimental actions into careworn tropes, each canvas becoming an iconic aspect of modernist tribulations. Graphic strategies such as comics and modeled figure studies combine with rough-hewn techniques akin to ancient scratchiti— layers of color unearthed from a chalky white topmost layer. Continuing to concentrate on the classic, trustworthy subject matter of the human female figure, the paintings are rife with referents both personal and universal. What prevails is the pull of childhood, the allure of the materfamilias and the gently persistent conundrum inherent in opposites. Each work has its own confident sense of revelation, a loving lesson learned. Again, “the result” (as articulated about his drawings by critic Paul Laster) “is a hybrid that’s as inventive as it is recognizable— a winning combination that stops viewers dead in their tracks.”

Jason Brinkerhoff lives and works in Northern California. His work has been exhibited with White Columns (New York), Saatchi Gallery (London), Ampersand Gallery (Portland) and is included in the permanent collection of the Dallas Art Museum. This is his second solo exhibition with ZieherSmith.